NDIS Supported Independent Living Bentley, Western Australia

At Vivid Care, our Supported Independent Living (SIL) services are available to all participants with SIL funding, regardless of their support needs.

Supported Independent Living

NDIS Supported Independent Living Bentley.

Vivid Care is a provider of Supported Independent Living (SIL) in Bentley, Western Australia. We use a person-centered approach to deliver the finest possible home living and amenities.

Supported independent living (SIL) is an important component of disability support services that allows people with disabilities to live freely and happily. Vivid Care is dedicated to providing exceptional services to Supported Independent Living customers. To ensure that services are tailored to each user’s specific requirements, preferences, and objectives, assistance is offered with a focus on each person’s unique needs, preferences, and goals.

Our SIL’s mission is to offer accessible and pleasant living spaces. Whether in a shared housing or a private home, the goal is to offer an environment that fosters freedom while also catering to each resident’s specific needs.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is an NDIS support service that assists people with disabilities in living as independently as possible by providing supervision and assistance with daily duties. Vivid Care provides this service in Western Australia as a drop-in service in your home or as part of a community group home.

The team has experience with both persons seeking a more independent lifestyle and those with severe needs, and our apartments are close to local attractions and services.

What is supported independent living?

Supported independent living (SIL) is the name given to NDIS funding that assists people with disabilities with day-to-day tasks so that they can be independent and learn new skills.

The benefits of Supported Independent Living

This type of assistance has numerous advantages. It not only helps you gain independence and confidence, but it also gives you the freedom and control you need to achieve your goals.

Why choose us.

Vivid Care aims to provide unique, flexible and constant quality services to people living with a disability to enable them to live their best everyday lives.

Free Consultation

When you contact Vivid Care to request NDIS Services, we will provide you with free consultation.

24/7 Prompt Service

Vivid Care strives to understand each NDIS participant's healthcare needs and life goals 24/7.

The Perfect Support Worker – Client Match

We make it a priority to match you with a support worker you can rely on.

Extensive Experience

With a proven record of providing professional disability services, we know the difference that quality care makes.

Personalised Support

Vivid Care will collaborate with NDIS participants to create a plan that promotes their independence.

Supportive & Caring staff

All Vivid Care workers are dedicated to the well-being of those they care for and take pride in their work.

How we work as an NDIS Disability Provider.

Step 1. Get in Touch

Submit an enquiry or call our friendly team to discuss how Vivid Care can help you.

Step 2. Meet With Us

We value strong relationships, so we will invite you to meet with us in person so that we can get to know you and your goals better.

Step 3. Begin Achieving Your Goals

Once all of the paperwork is signed, the Vivid Care team will work with you around the clock to help you achieve your goals through our services.

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