Registered NDIS Service Provider Willagee, Western Australia.

Vivid Care is an NDIS Registered Provider dedicated to improving the Quality of Life of each individual by ensuring that people living with a disability live independent and fulfilled life.

Vivid Care

Disability Services in Willagee, WA.

Vivid Care as an NDIS Service Provider Willagee will assess your situation and make the best use of your NDIS plan to ensure that you receive all of the services for which you are eligible. Our support staff will always prioritise the needs and desires of the participants by providing equal opportunities and encouraging progression and independence in the environment.

Assistance with daily living and household tasks

Vivid Care provides customised daily living assistance considering your everyday needs, goals, and outcomes.

Social and Community Participation

Vivid Care support staff are here to help NDIS participants take part in various activities. 

Independent Living Support

At Vivid Care, our Supported Independent Living (SIL) services are available to all participants with SIL funding, regardless of their support needs.

Assist-travel / Transport

At Vivid Care, our experienced and trained staff guide/trained NDIS participants to be independent for the travel with safety precaution.

Assistance with Life Skills Development

Vivid Care helps you or your loved one with NDIS Development Life Skills, which help in improving the quality of your life.

Support Coordination

Vivid Care provides independent Support Coordination for NDIS participants. We can connect you with the resources you need to thrive.

Personalised Care and Support.

Vivid Care offers specialised, individually tailored help and nursing services that are created to satisfy your particular needs. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the provision of aid for people with disabilities are two areas where our agency collaborates in the area of disability care. Furthermore, we work in the area of recovery care. A group of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the business oversees each of these areas.

Everyone deserves to live their best life possible, we firmly think. And we’re here to support you as you live, love, and own it. We’ll collaborate with you to advance the causes close to your heart and further your objectives.

Vivid Care always puts you first

Why choose us.

The goal of Vivid Care is to help disabled people live their best lives by giving them one-of-a-kind, flexible, and high-quality services.

Free Consultation

Contacting Vivid Care to request NDIS Services will result in a free consultation.

24/7 Prompt Service

Vivid Care works hard to understand each NDIS participant's healthcare requirements and life objectives 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Perfect Support Worker – Client Match

We put an extra effort to pair you with a trustworthy caretaker.

Extensive Experience

With a proven record of providing professional disability services, we know the difference that quality care makes.

Personalised Support

Vivid Care will collaborate with NDIS participants to create a plan that promotes their independence.

Supportive & Caring staff

All Vivid Care workers are dedicated to the well-being of those they care for and take pride in their work.

Who can we support?

Vivid Care is well-equipped to assist anyone who requires assistance from an NDIS provider, regardless of disability or ability. Furthermore, we have extensive experience working with people who have special needs. 

What can i use NDIS Funding for?

The NDIS funds may be allocated towards a diverse range of support kinds, including but not limited to items, investments, or services aimed at enhancing one’s quality of life.

Who funds disability services through NDIS?

The Federal Government, in collaboration with each participating state and territory, finances the NDIS disability services offered by NDIS providers.

What are people saying about Vivid Care.

Our Staffing Agency.

Vivid Care is a provider of nursing and carer staff to Australian health care facilities. We take pride in providing the best service possible to ensure that you enjoy your work experience with us. 

Whether you’re an employer looking to be more adaptable to changing staffing needs or a job seeker looking for more flexibility in your work schedule, we’re the flexible work experts at Vivid Care.

Our Values.

At Vivid Care, we live and breathe our values, of Collaboration, Empowerment, Dignity and Respect while delivering the highest quality of care. We have an open-minded approach, embrace cultural diversity and provide services that are comprehensive and culturally appropriate.


We respect and listen. We are supportive and understanding within our work team and towards the people we serve.


Vivid Care provides person-centered services that promote independence and inclusion for NDIS participants.


We treat others as we would like to be treated in every interaction - with each other, the people we serve, and everyone.


We will respect individuals' rights to freedom of expression, choice, and control over their lives.


Don’t worry, you’re not alone. NDIS has brought significant change to the disability sector in WA and many people are somewhat confused about the processes and about their options.

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