NDIS Assist Travel and Transport Wembley, Western Australia

At Vivid Care, our experienced and trained staff guide/trained NDIS participants to be independent for the travel with safety precaution.

Assist-travel / Transport

NDIS Assist Travel and Transport Wembley

The disability support staff at Vivid Care can help NDIS participants who need it with travel arrangements. Our services are meant to provide you more freedom to pursue interests outside the home, including going to the grocery store or a doctor’s visit.

You are not alone if you have trouble navigating public transit. The NDIS, which is backed by Vivid Care, may help you acquire taxis, ride sharing, and other forms of transportation. The caring professionals at Vivid Care will be there besides you every step of the way as you gain mobility and independence by using these transportation services.

Accessibility of transportation choices is a top priority. At Vivid Care, we work hard to provide NDIS members with access to cars that are well-suited to their individual mobility requirements.

We place a premium on each passenger’s security and convenience. Every detail, from the choice of vehicles to the education of support staff, is planned out to maximise the traveler’s security and comfort.

We could drive you to your appointment or other community spots and back again. To improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, we ensure that every trip is a rewarding and life-changing experience by offering individualised, accessible, and culturally sensitive travel support.

We provide convenient assist travel / transport services that can be scheduled ahead of time and can transport you to:

  • Appointments with doctors
  • Educational establishment
  • Local shopping mall
  • Work
  • Anywhere else in your neighbourhood

What is Assist-travel and Transport?

Assist-travel / transportation is especially important for clients whose disabilities make it difficult for them to access transportation. We can help clients get access to taxis, rideshares, community vehicles, and other modes of transportation.

The benefits of NDIS Transport Support

We are dedicated to assisting you in finding a better, more mobile way of life. There is no limit to where you can go or what you can do when you have our personal transportation support staff on your side. It’s entirely up to you.

Why choose us.

Vivid Care aims to provide unique, flexible and constant quality services to people living with a disability to enable them to live their best everyday lives.

Free Consultation

When you contact Vivid Care to request NDIS Services, we will provide you with free consultation.

24/7 Prompt Service

Vivid Care strives to understand each NDIS participant's healthcare needs and life goals 24/7.

The Perfect Support Worker – Client Match

We make it a priority to match you with a support worker you can rely on.

Extensive Experience

With a proven record of providing professional disability services, we know the difference that quality care makes.

Personalised Support

Vivid Care will collaborate with NDIS participants to create a plan that promotes their independence.

Supportive & Caring staff

All Vivid Care workers are dedicated to the well-being of those they care for and take pride in their work.

How we work as an NDIS Disability Provider.

Step 1. Get in Touch

Submit an enquiry or call our friendly team to discuss how Vivid Care can help you.

Step 2. Meet With Us

We value strong relationships, so we will invite you to meet with us in person so that we can get to know you and your goals better.

Step 3. Begin Achieving Your Goals

Once all of the paperwork is signed, the Vivid Care team will work with you around the clock to help you achieve your goals through our services.

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